We had a long and very warm summer in Europe this year. It's also been a busy Summer for our office testing this new design for our newsletter. We hope that you like it.
My ‘summer’ was extended this year as after the holidays, COTEC work brought me to Italy and Portugal; you can read about these activities in this newsletter.
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The Executive Committee is very sad to announce that COTEC former President Maeve H. Mallinson (Groom) has passed away on Saturday October 13, 2018. More


We were absolutely delighted to meet representatives from Member Associations in Oeiras, Portugal in the first weekend of October. Naomi Hankinson gives a brief overview of the discussions and decisions taken during the General Assembly.
The COTEC Executive Committee Interim Meeting also took place in Oeiras, Portugal on the 5th and the 8th October. Various meetings with stakeholders were also held on these 2 days. The minutes of this meeting will be uploaded to the Members Area on our website soon. In the meantime, you can read the summary here.
National News
Click here for more information on what member associations have been up to in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. COTEC is glad to see your actions 
COTEC President Stephanie Saenger attended the 68th WHO Regional Meeting with President and Vice-President of AITO. Read more here
The 27th October is World Occupational Therapy Day. Read here for more information on preparing for this day. We look forward to receiving your celebrations to share on our social media.

Following the signed partnership between COTEC and EUPHA, Stephanie Saenger and the Executive Director and staff member of EUPHA met again and discussed this exciting cooperation. Find more details here

Currently, the third cycle of Thematic Networks is taking place at the EU Health Policy Platform. COTEC has experts in two of the three Networks: “Societal Impact of Pain” and “Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments” which will produce Joint Statements and a Call to Action each till November this year. Read more

On September 27, COTEC President Stephanie Saenger had the 3rd face to face meeting with the group of the European Health Professionals Dialogue. This meeting in Rotterdam was kindly hosted by the European Federation of Dieticians prior to their conference. Find out more about this meeting here.

The Electoral Committee for the coming elections for the Executive Committee positions available in 2019 would like to announce the procedure that will be undertaken. Read more

COTEC Vice-President Administration gives an interesting overview of all the secretarial news related to the Office Administration role, General Assembly Minutes. Work has already started for next year's General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium. Read more here
We will be featuring our Member Associations' upcoming conferences and events in our newsletters. Don't forget to send us your events on Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate. so that we can feature them on our next newsletter. Read more
The Occupational Therapy Europe Coordinating Group met on the 8th October in Oeiras, Portugal for another face-to-face meeting. The group discussed many issues on the development of OT-Europe and the collaboration of the three branches - COTEC, ENOTHE and ROTOS. Read more here.
The OT-Europe Expert Group - OT for Displaced Persons was founded after the OT-Europe workshop at the first COTEC/ENOTHE conference in Galway 2016. The aim of the OT-Europe project is to draft an information paper to assist in positioning the profession in the field. Read more on the work of this group here.
The OT-Europe Register of Experts is now established and we are constantly looking for more people all over Europe to join this register and extend the work of COTEC to new heights. You can get to know how you can join this register here.
Two of our Experts were present at the Conference of the European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) of which we are a member and a representative in the Advisory Board. Leen De Coninck represented COTEC / OT-Europe in the General Assembly where new members for the Advisory board were elected. Please read these reflections here.
We would also like to introduce you to 2 of our hardworking Experts, Daphne Kos and Annick van Gils. Daphne and Annick introduce themselves and explain their role and experience as Experts. Read more