COPM - Learning while apart (angl.)

The quarantine experience has highlighted a rich selection of communication options that are ideal for continuing learning (and working sometimes) within your personal and education communities. These vary from no cost, to low cost and to requiring a membership. Why not contact a small group of like-minded souls and create a self-directed experience addressing practice scenarios and applying the COPM principles that are partnered with problem-based learning principles?

Decide among yourselves what learning scenarios are important to you all; plan a schedule of who will present their scenario in what order.


At Time #1:

  • Scenario: hypotheses of what is going on
  • What do we know?
  • What don’t we know?
  • What do we want to learn about?
  • Identify learning issues clearly
  • Go and research these issues according to the plans made in your group


At Time #2:

  • Reconnect online
  • Explore the information gathered from your research, and
  • Apply to the learning issues
  • Reconsider what you know now and decide whether you would like to spend more time on this scenario or move on to the next


And so it goes……………….

………oh yes, then maybe consider writing up your experience with the group and the learning as a great quarantine time buster!!!!!




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